The Club Management Committee have approved the alternate – KitzUK – version of the Senior Playing Shirt, which should be available to order from KitzUK soon.  All players in senior teams (including juniors playing in senior teams) should now be wearing the new shirt – either the TK version or the new KitzUK one – that was introduced at the start of last season (with white numerals on the back).  

Remember that the Membership Secretary now controls the issue of shirt numbers for both men and ladies (including juniors playing in senior teams), so if you are about to purchase a playing shirt (either the TK version or the KitzUK one) it may be worthwhile checking your number:  When you purchase your shirt you will be asked for your number.  The shirt numbering policy is to now re-use ‘dormant’ numbers (belonging to players who have not been registered for more than two seasons or are known to have left the Club) to ensure that the lowest numbers are used whenever possible and the use of 3-digit numbers is avoided if at all possible:  If you haven’t played for the Club for a season or two you may well be given a different number to the one you had previously.   If you are in any doubt please confirm your number with the Membership Secretary.