Below is a list of club documents which cover all aspects of the administration of the club, its policies and procedures.  Those documents in blue font may be opened on-line in a new tab by clicking on the document title. 

Club Organisation:

YSHC 1.0 Constitution
YSHC 1.1a Organisation Structure
YSHC 1.1b Roles & Responsibilities
YSHC 1.2 Financial Management
YSHC 1.2a Away Match Payments
YSHC 1.3 Development Plan 2014 to 2018
YSHC 1.3a Development Goals
YSHC 1.3b Change (Development) Tasks List
YSHC 1.3c Standing (Annual) Tasks List

General Club Documents:

Club Welcome Letter
YSHC 2.2 Registration
YSHC 2.2a Registration Junior Academy
YSHC 2.3 Coaching Agreement
YSHC 2.3a Coaching Timesheet
YSHC 2.4 Data Protection
YSHC 2.5 Style Guide
YSHC 2.6 Cothing and Equipment Policy
YSHC 2.7 Match Record Sheet
YSHC 2.7 Match Record Sheet – Spreadsheet (Download)


YSHC 3.1 Equity Statement
YSHC 3.1a Code of Conduct – Members/Players
YSHC 3.1b Code of Conduct – Officials & Volunteers
YSHC 3.1c Code of Conduct – Parents & Supporters
YSHC 3.1d Volunteer Agreement – to be filled in, signed by all coaches and volunteers and returned to Club Secretary.
YSHC 3.2 Selection Policy – Senior Players
YSHC 3.3 Selection Policy – Junior Players


England Hockey SafeD – Safeguarding the Hockey Community
YSHC 4.1 Safeguarding & Protecting Young People in Hockey
YSHC 4.1a Safeguarding & Protecting Action Plan
YSHC 4.1b Safeguarding & Protecting Reporting Procedure
YSHC 4.1c Safeguarding & Protecting Referral Form
YSHC 4.2 Emergency Procedure
YSHC 4.2a Risk Assessment
YSHC 4.2b Accident Report Form