The Yeovil & Sherborne Junior Hockey Academy has been set-up to provide the best hockey training and coaching available, to excite juniors about the game, to inspire their passion and to ensure success. The Club aspires to junior hockey in Yeovil, Sherborne and the surrounding district ‘being the best it can be’.


Dedicated to excellence, The Academy has been established to spread passion for hockey and attract players at all levels to enter the sport to play for fun and recreation, while targeting athletes and supporting them by offering superior training in tactical, technical and fitness related skills specific to hockey.


  • To accelerate athletes technical, tactical and fitness skills in hockey.
  • To provide schools additional accelerated training for their athletes.
  • To create and support playing opportunities for all ages and levels, from introductory to elite, as a way to grow participation and excellence in the sport.
  • To provide volunteers and coaches with a training pathway with the purpose of developing or complementing their current skills.