Yeovil & Sherborne Ladies 2s v Minehead  Saturday 30th September

Spectators were treated to an exciting end-to-end spectacle when Yeovil and Sherborne Ladies 2nd XI played Minehead at home on Saturday.

Minehead got the game underway and despite only a brief warm up, forced Y&S’s defence in to action with rigorous pressure coming from the away side. Y&S’s efforts to break Minehead’s early charge seemed futile with Minehead dominating play and successfully scoring in the first 10 minutes.

Y&S quickly regained composure, building play from the halfway line with good performances from Y&S’s defenders and midfield, picking out Y&S’s strikers to create some great opportunities. It wasn’t long before Y&S were able to bring the score level with a skilful finish by Melanie Coles.

Y&S’s lead was extended after a great display of teamwork from Melanie Coles culminating in a slip across Minehead’s keeper to Nikki Carpenter who was able to comfortably secure Y&S’s lead.

Y&S continued to dominate the game with any attempt by Minehead to break away being quickly quashed by Y&S’s resilient defence. Another heavy presence of Y&S players in Minehead’s defending circle led to a rebound goal by Libby Cheleda to put the Sky Blues 3-1 up at half time.

The action continued in the second half but it was Minehead’s turn to put on the display with 2 goals to bring the score sheet level for the second time in the match. In a show of defiance, Y&S were quick to respond with a stunning reverse flick by Sue Waller in to the top right hand corner of the goal to take them in to the lead once more.

However, Minehead weren’t prepared to give up just yet and with only 5 minutes remaining were rewarded with the final goal of the match to end the game 4-4.

Special mention goes to Sarah Mowthorpe who was awarded Players’ Player for her steely resolve against Minehead’s attackers.