For those of you new to the game of hockey (players, parents and spectators alike) here are links to a series of videos produced by the FIH explaining the principles of the game (and maybe one or two of us who are not so new could learn a thing or two as well – especially Episode 3!).  But remember that these videos don’t cover all of the rules – for those go to the link FIH Rules of Hockey.

Episode 1 – Hockey Basics

Episode 2 – Umpire Signals

Episode 3 – The 5 Metre Rule

Episode 4 – The Self Pass

Episode 5 – Green Yellow and Red Cards

Episode 6 – The Offside Rule

Episode 7 – Dangerous Play

Episode 8 –

Episode 9 – How to Score a Goal

Episode 10 – Penalty Corners

Episode 11 – Goalkeepers